Over the past few months our organisation has been updated in certain areas to better reflect our position and plans for the short to long term.

Here's a rundown of the updates that have been made to Stush Gaming.

  1. stushgaming.com to stushgg.uk. Since our beginning we have been located at stushgaming.com and the site has served our organisation well. As of January 2021 we have relocated our site to stushgg.uk to better reflect our brand and make it easier for new audiences to find us.

  2. Improved site layout & functionality. We want to create unique & interesting user experiences for our supporters & members. Our latest updates have moved us closer to this goal.

  3. Transparency. As an organisation we have not yet achieved our maximum levels of efficiency. We are introducing yearly Roadmaps for our Creators and Supporters to give a greater sense of structure to what we do and when we will be doing it.

  4. End Of Year Awards. Moving forward we want to celebrate the efforts, creativity & dedication that our members put in. In 2021 we are delighted to introduce our first End Of Year Awards which is open to Staff, Players & Creators.

  5. Discord. We realise our discord has not been operating at the level we had hoped, moving forward we will be maintaining a low profile discord focusing on our core members.

  6. Esports. We realise we have not been delivering the standard of competitive action and professionalism that we expect from players & teams that represent Stush. Moving forward we will be taking a more focused approach on our esports division, aiming to be more objective in the way that we operate for our players and supporters.

  7. Apparel. As a UK based team with a US based apparel partner we realise it has not always been the most cost effective to support Stush when factoring in various costs. Our partners at Sector SIx have taken steps to narrow the costs of supporting teams based in Europe with their european based store, and in 2021 we will look to work more closely with our partners to bring our supporters the best possible ways to support the team.